Thursday, 14 February 2013

Purple Rain

all photographs courtesy of pinterest

If I could do one crazy-ish thing in my life it would be to dye my hair a rich purple/plum shade. I created a pinterest account today where I came across a photograph of someone with such lovely purple hair that it made me create a whole board full of luscious locks with my dream hair colour. I occasionally attempt to persued myself to just go for the plunge but I just talk myself out of it for reasons such as my job and also not wanting to ruin my hair. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with blonde ringlets, instead I'm left with a head full of a bland light brown which gets the occasional  natural blond highlight (I swear there's some red tones too), because of this I'd have to bleach my hair or at least lighten a few shades to get the desired colour which I'm not willing to do especially with the risk of damaging my hair -I'd hate to have to chop it off considering it's already down to my waste. One day though I'm sure I'll pluck up the courage, perhaps if I had  a certain job/career or a time when bright hair is more acceptable in the workplace, or I just had some guts. I've already settled for purple dip dyed hair a few years back but it was very hard to maintain, imagine the cost and time it would take to keep up the amount of hair I currently have.

For now I'll just have to admire and be jealous of everyone's hair I'm always lusting over, I suppose the internet doesn't help with talking us out of things - it just makes us want to do it even more.

What one crazy thing would you do in your life? 
What hair colour do you  wish you could have?


  1. I wish I could have lavender blonde hair, but I'm always so worried about getting back to my own colour because there's so many different shades in my hair!

  2. argh i just wish i had light hair so i could dye my hair with lots pf crazy colours! that colour is so so gorgeous!

    hope you'll visit back

  3. i want want want this hair !

    Now that I have actually got a job which doesn't have rules against bright hair color I could do it, but i'm too feart!


    1. ah you're so lucky! Try and persuade yourself haha, i'd love to see how it turns out xx