Monday, 4 March 2013

Clothes and Makeup Haul: Half-term Shopping

After a good few hours shopping on Tuesday during half term, clothing wise, I only returned with two items and only one was from my wishlist I created and posted about (found here) which happened to be the high waisted 'Joni' jeans from Topshop. After trying on three different pairs and sizes I finally chose a navy pair (although appears black on photos) which are so comfy I love wearing them! Although £32.40 is quite out of my usual range, I feel for the quality and also the amount of wear I'll get out of them compensates for the high price. I intended to buy some shoes from Topshop (also found on my wishlist) but they were out of my size ):

I really love the sky blue jumper I picked up from zara, they had about 5 different colours available at least.. the grey one stood out to me at first  but didn't have my size and I have WAY too many grey things any way. Instead I felt the blue was such a lovely shade, not only suitable for spring but could be easily matched with other pieces of clothing to add some colour. The inside is extremely soft and the material isn't too heavy for the upcoming seasons which is a bonus! I'm unsure if the photographs pick up on this but the sleeves and neckline are intended to appear faded and add a worm affect to it which I just love. £19.99  is not a too bad price either.

| 1. Real Techniques - expert face brush £9.99 | 2. Maybelline - the rocket volume waterproof mascara £5.99 (introductory price) | 3. Rimmel - Glam eyes professional liquid liner £5.29 | 4. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Blueberry £3.99  |

I bought quite a lot of makeup in one go (well for me at least) and in total this and a famous boots meal deal cost me nearly £30 which money wise I regret but love every item I bought. The rimmel liquid liner was a repurchase so that proves I really like this eyeliner, especially as it's very easy to apply and allows you to apply a thin line or even a thick wing depending on your mood for the day or the look you're after. I am a huge fan of maybelline volume extreme mascara and The Rocket was just a new a one to try as it had a very cheap introductory price at only £5.99, I have to buy the waterproof one as I have sensitive eyes which can be a pain when I want to get it off at night but it does a great job at staying on and remaining intensely black during the day. So far I am liking this mascara even though I  usually prefer a lot thicker and bigger brushes, it applies nicely and gives a lot of length yet lacks a little volume, it also worries me that it may not be as good as a mascara when it starts to dry out a little but i'll have to wait and see. The expert face brush was a purchase i've been longing after for months and month, it is definitely one of my new favourite brushes perfect for applying foundation, powder and also great for contouring/bronzer. I would recommend this brush to anyone! Although not usually hugely impressed with Barry M's usual line of nail polishes, the new gelly hi shine has really grabbed my attention! I don't want to go on about it too much as I have already posted a review on it (found here), but I not only love the colour which coincidentally matches the jumper but it has such great staying power and remains really bright.

I don't think one thing I purchased was a waste of money even though I did spend quite a lot that day which my bank account must hate me for. I bought so many nice things and the clothing items especially will get a lot of use out of and the makeup items i'm really impressed with.

I probably should hide my card away from my self now though before anymore damage is made..

Monday, 25 February 2013

BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Blueberry (GNP 5)

| Find this photo on my instagram @jessiee_x |

This product can be found in boots, superdrug and the barrym website for £3.99 

There's been so much talk about the new Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nails paints that I had to buy one and find out if they are as good as everybody is saying. It's not only blogs and youtubers raving about them but just generally everyone and have especially been popular on instagram. When out shopping the shade blueberry caught my eye, pastel blue shades are my favourite type of colours so it was only natural for me to do so however there are plenty more shades available which I soon want to get my hands on. I'd already racked up a total of roughly £25 whilst in boots without including this lovely beauty (haul post coming soon) so I had to restrain myself and be kind to my bank balance so I couldn't purchase any more of their polishes.

Overall I am very happy with this nail varnish and am very pleased to say that my nails have remained this colour for about 6 days with no chips and the only difference is that my nails are growing and starting to show a gap ever so slightly (I didn't use a top coat or base coat, purely this product only). As I'm no expert my mum painted my nails for me, well what little nails I have (I used to bite them - eww.. gross! haha) and she did a really good job compared to me who painted them myself only a mere half an hour before and did an awful job. I would like to point out that it's best to use barry m nails polishes with your nails absolutely clean with no other product on them, whenever I use a sally hanson nail strengthener before hand for example I never get a smooth coat, they take ages to dry and smudge very easily. 

I have however heard a few complaints about the consistency being too thick and gloopy but personally I prefer the polish to be slightly thicker. I often find the usual barry m range can be very thin causing multiple coats to get desired colour where with the gelly hi-shine you only need two thin coats and were perfect - for only £3.99 you can't go wrong really!

What's your opinion on the new barrym gelly hi-shine nail paints?
What are your favourite shades in the collection?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

OOTD: She Was A Skater Girl

| Top - Topshop (found here) | Skirt - T k maxx  | Tights - H&M | 
| Shoes - black converse (not pictured but found here) |

I bought this gorgeous skirt from t k maxx for only £9.99 which I thought was a bargain! I couldn't wait to wear it so paired it with just a casual/everday top and my converse seeing as I was only going to a friends house, although you could get away with this outfit for a meal as well as sixthform/college. The material is slightly stretchy which is weird but in way I kind of like of it.  The top is originally quite baggy but I decided to tuck it in as it would of covered pretty much all of the skirt and I find that tucked in it compliments the skirt as it hugs my waist. I also wore a grey hoodie but I was snug in the warm so didn't feel it was necessary yet a simple black blazer would of tied the look together with some nice black ankle boots or studded flats.

I apologise that the photographs were quite rushed  meaning that not all the outfit is visible I'm afraid and that I didn't get the best angles, plus these were the best of a bad bunch. Really I was testing around with my friends canon camera which I'm so jealous of, but we were pushed for time so I had to snap these really quickly. One thing I love is that my friends wall is visible were she painted some character (can't think of what it is - sorry!!) onto the corner of her room which is such a great idea! Below is a better photograph so you can have a better look

Talented or what!!

Oh and I got a bit carried away with my own camera so I decided to just include this lovely (or not) photograph of me just for fun as it made me laugh. Come on, we're all guilty of the duck pose when we think no ones looking!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wishlist - Deprived of Retail Therapy

Wishlist feb 2013 - no b/g

Jumper - H&M | Dress - Topshop | Jeans - Topshop | Blazer- Newlook | Shoes - Topshop

It's been a good few months since I've been proper clothes shopping (shocking I know!) and since me and a friend have planned to go to our local shopping centres this week, I thought I would prepare myself and have a good browse on a few of my favourite shops websites. So here are some of the pieces which stood out to me ready to search for during the week - obviously it's unlikely that I'm going to be able to find them all let alone be able to afford them but I can still dream. I had a good chuckle to myself when I realised that pretty much none of these pieces of clothing could be matched together apart the shoes which go with every item on this wishlist as well as basically anything! Although, I suppose the jeans and jumper could match also which is a bonus.

(click link to be directed straight to item as well as price)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Purple Rain

all photographs courtesy of pinterest

If I could do one crazy-ish thing in my life it would be to dye my hair a rich purple/plum shade. I created a pinterest account today where I came across a photograph of someone with such lovely purple hair that it made me create a whole board full of luscious locks with my dream hair colour. I occasionally attempt to persued myself to just go for the plunge but I just talk myself out of it for reasons such as my job and also not wanting to ruin my hair. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with blonde ringlets, instead I'm left with a head full of a bland light brown which gets the occasional  natural blond highlight (I swear there's some red tones too), because of this I'd have to bleach my hair or at least lighten a few shades to get the desired colour which I'm not willing to do especially with the risk of damaging my hair -I'd hate to have to chop it off considering it's already down to my waste. One day though I'm sure I'll pluck up the courage, perhaps if I had  a certain job/career or a time when bright hair is more acceptable in the workplace, or I just had some guts. I've already settled for purple dip dyed hair a few years back but it was very hard to maintain, imagine the cost and time it would take to keep up the amount of hair I currently have.

For now I'll just have to admire and be jealous of everyone's hair I'm always lusting over, I suppose the internet doesn't help with talking us out of things - it just makes us want to do it even more.

What one crazy thing would you do in your life? 
What hair colour do you  wish you could have?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

50 Facts About Me

So this is my first post and I'm already jumping upon the band wagon by telling you 50 facts all about the one and only me. I thought this would be perfect starting post so that you can get to know me and it also encourages me to finally put a post on this blog considering I created it about a month ago. Before I let you into my life I thought I would put it out there that I previously had a blog which I slowly and sadly abandoned  for no reason at all, I loved blogging but I think I came to a busy stage in my life so I easily got sidetracked. So here's to a fresh start of which I can promise you that I will take care of this little baby (this blog that is) and update you with a range of fashion/hair/beauty and even random life style posts which I hope you will all enjoy reading.

So this is me (sorry for the bad phone camera photo):

And here are the facts:
  1. Everyone apart from my grandparents call me Jessie or Jess even though my real first name is Jessica 
  2. I'm turning 18 in July
  3. I'm in my second and final year of sixth form where I study Sociology, photography and English    language  + literature 
  4. I'm taking a gap year before university but I'm not going to travel. I also don't know what I want my  degree to be in yet
  5. I am probably the most indecisive person I know
  6. I procrastinate a lot also 
  7. I like to be organised yet I struggle to keep anything neat which ranges from my bedroom to my  handwriting
  8. I am a dog person and have a Jack Russell Terrier, consequently this works out well considering I'm allergic to cats.
  9. I am a big sucker for romantic books and films
  10. I have a broad music taste which varies from chart music/pop such as one direction (I am not ashamed) to more heavier rock such as Nirvana, although currently I'm a big fan of both Bastille and Alt-J
  11. My favourite colour is turquoise
  12. I could probably eat pasta everyday.. as well as chocolate
  13. I own quite a lot of unnecessary makeup 
  14. I have a makeshift wardrobe full of clothes yet I can never find anything to wear
  15. I have a part time retail job where I work weekends
  16. I wish I could have more of a social life
  17. My bestfriend and I have known each other pretty much from the day I was born seeing as we were born 2 weeks apart and our mums are good friends
  18. I have a brother who is nearly 4 years older than me but we very rarely get a long
  19. I live with my mum and her boyfriend as well as my brother and see my dad once a week
  20. I live in the east of England and I'm supposed to sound like a farmer even though I'm pretty sure I don't (some people do though)
  21. Shockingly I've only been to London twice although the second time was the outskirts
  22. I went to Italy on a school trip and absolutely loved it despite packing so much into 5 days and getting travel sick on the coach to the airport
  23. I would love to visit Italy again and go to America as well
  24. I'm very pale, so pale that very few foundation match me and I hardly ever tan either 
  25. I have a massive fear of spiders as well as pretty much any insect. I can't even stand flies!
  26. I'd never moved house until I was 13
  27. I'm currently learning to drive
  28. I wear glasses most of the time even though I don't always need them
  29. I enjoy my sleep too much
  30. I have the strangest dreams and can often remember pretty much every detail
  31. I love anything lemon or orange scented or even flavoured
  32. I wish I had more confidence
  33. As a person I have grown up so much in the past year
  34. I can pick up how to use any form of technology really easily
  35. I often don't have to look at the keys when I type although I can easily make a few errors
  36. I have naturally straight hair down to my waist
  37. I eat all meat apart from any tiype of bird 
  38. I can't handle spicy food - AT ALL
  39. I can easily read a book in a day or 2
  40. I accidentally talk a lot and very quickly which means I have to repeat myself a lot 
  41. I rely on the internet waay to much!
  42. I have very short nails which I used to bite a lot when I was younger so now they don't grow 
  43. I can't handle pain and I'm very squeamish 
  44. Typical me fainted because I witnessed someone else fainting - that was not a nice experience
  45. No scary or gory films or programmes for me thank you 
  46. One of my best friends is moving to the Philippines for a at least a year and I will miss her very much ):
  47. I spend too much time on twitter, instagram and youtube
  48. I want my nose pierced but I'm scared and my mums not too keen on the idea either 
  49. I wear liquid eyeliner pretty much everyday
  50. Tom Daley, Zac Efron, Alex Pettyfer and Logan Lerman are the hottest guys alive

I never knew it would be so tricky to think of 50 facts about myself!
Perhaps you could give it a try too,

Jessie xx